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Cheap International Calls
and Cheap ADSL plus get
UK TV channels for FREE

We have teamed up with local internet service providers that can provide high speed internet in your house, apartment or villa.

If you already have a telephone line with Telefonica (Movistar) then we can arrange for this line to be upgraded to have ADSL allowing high speed internet. This type of internet is unlimited and always on. You pay a fixed fee per month from €19 for the ADSL service. Price depends on the package you choose.

internet tv in spain

The service providers we use will provide the installation and a free Wi-Fi router so you can make yourself totally wireless.

UK TV Over the Internet (IPTV)

The service providers we use also provide a free UK internet TV service that will give you most of the major free view channels such as BBC, ITV and channels 4 and 5. This is at no extra cost. You can either watch the TV on your PC/Laptop or connect the computer to your big screen TV. We can provide all the connection cables.

Another service we can provide is giving access to UK TV Channels on demand services Like BBC iPlayer and ITV Player. This come with an annual subcription that starts at just €75 per year. All you need is a high speed internet connection (3Mbps or higher) and we can get you set up so you can watch BBC, ITV, Channel 4 etc. on your PC through the IPlayer services.

Give us a call, or pop into our shop to discuss your requirements and we will find the best service for you.


UK TV Channels in Spain

Watch all FreeView UK TV channels in Spain without a satellite dish. If you have an internet connection we can set up an IPTV system for you that will work on your computer or tablet, or we can connect a WiFi HDMI box to your TV that will turn it into a smart TV with IPTV capabilities.

Watch our free LIVE BBC1 STREAM below for an example of the service offered. We have a full channel list available.

Visit our full channel line up and register for advert free TV with recording capability. We can also set this system up directly on your TV. CLICK HERE

Pay As You Go WiFi Internet Hot Spot in Albir

From our shop in central Albir we are transmitting a high speed internet signal. Currently the reception area of this signal is limited but within the coming weeks we are hoping to expand the coverage of this signal so it becomes available to more households in the area.

If you can see ExpressIT Hotspot in your list of available wireless networks then you will be able to benefit from our Pay As You Go wireless internet services. You can connect at any time, the service is up and running 24 hours a day, and purchase your connection time with a credit card through our secure online payments facility. You can purchase as little as 1 hours internet air time for use in any location where you can pick up our signal. Our shop doesn´t even need to be open. Get instant access to the internet anytime of day or night.

Hi Speed Internet Access (ADSL or WiFi) at your Home

If you require a permament (or semi permanent) internet connection at your home or place of work then speak to us to find out about the various Internet Service Providers that we can recommend and help with installation.

We can offer services with or without a telephone landline, pay as you go dial up access, WiFi hostspots and FULL ADSL services.

To make use of our Pay As You Go internet service, or any of the internet and UK TV packages then call us today, or pop into our shop in Albir for a free demonstration and to discuss the available options.

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If you can connect to our internet WiFi HotSpot then you are able to receive 24 hour internet connectivity. Simply start the wireless connection on your PC/Laptop and search for ExpressIT Hotspot. Connect here, no password is necessary, and when you browse the internet you will be presented with our welcome page where you can purchase your internet access time. Purchase the amount you require using credit card or PayPal and then you ready for the off.    Click here for full details >>





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